Latest Version Numbers

Latest Version Numbers

We will update this post with the latest numbers as updates are released. The version numbers are accurate as of 13th June 2019.

001_11.png To obtain the latest update, please refer to the download links towards the bottom of this article.

What are the current version numbers? 

The current version numbers for our software are as follows:

  • Accounts Production (Includes Charity Accounts FRS102 and FRS105): 19.1.365- Released June 2019
  • Compac (Accounts Plus) V63P - Released May 2018
  • Corporation Tax: 19.1.365 - Released June 2019
  • P11D: 19.1.365 - Released June 2019
  • Personal Tax: 19.1.365 - June 2019
  • Trust Tax: 19.1.365 - Released June 2019
  • CH Filer: - Released April 2018
  • CH Checker: 18.3.0 - Released October 2018
  • Payroll: - For Payroll 2018-19 Released March 2019 19.1.184 - For Payroll 2019-20 Released April 2019
  • Practice Manager: 19.1.365 - Released June 2019 (contains VAT Filer for MTD)

    How do I find my version number? 

    You can check your current version in each program by going to Help // About.

    How do I update my software? 

    To update ensure you have a backup of all your Keytime data and close all Keytime programs. You can find instructions on how to backup your data in our Backup article: Backing up your Keytime data

    The steps you will need to take are:

    1. Ensure that all Keytime programs are closed
    2. Download the update file via the link towards the bottom of this article
    3. Run the update and follow the on-screen prompts
    4. Restart your PC if prompted

Accountants' Suite Download

Please note: you must have installed version 19.1.322 before you can install version 19.1.365.  Download 19.1.322 

Once you have installed version 19.1.322, you can update to the latest version, available here: Download 19.1.365

You can find full release notes for the latest Keytime Accountants' Suite  in this article

Payroll Download

You can find release notes for Keytime Payroll and software download in this article