Finding your data

Finding your Keytime data (Accountants Suite 2017)

001_11.png     Please Note:  The default location for Keytime Accountants Suite is %appdata%\Keytime Data\

You can read more about this location at the end of this article.

Please use the utility Data Manager to find the location of your Accountants Suite data.  The following instructions will help you locate data for Personal Tax Corporation Tax Trust Tax Practice Manager Accounts Production and P11d.

You will find this in the CM+ program folder of your Accountants Suite installation location. 

Typically this is C:\Program Files\Keytime\CM+

(or C:\Program Files (x86)\Keytime\CM+ on 64-bit Windows operating systems)


Click on Computer (or My Computer) in Windows and locate the CM+ program folder.

Double-click on DataManager.exe and the locations of each of your Accountants Suite databases will be displayed.


Warning.png Risk of changing software data locations

Please close Data Manager by using the X button or Close. You should only click Save if you are changing the location of your data after advice from Support.


Please Note: The settings are stored per user.  Please contact Keytime Accountants Support if you are installing Keytime for multiple users logging in to the same PC for specific advice dependant on your installation environment.

Default Data Location:  Application Data / %appdata%

By default the installer of Accountants Suite will point the settings to the application data folder in the current Windows user account.  

For Windows 7 or Vista the location would normally be:

C:\Users\USERNAME\Appdata\Roaming\Keytime Data\

where USERNAME is the user logged in during installation.

Open Computer type %appdata% in the Address bar and press enter.  The application data folder is displayed.  The default location for Keytime data is a folder in here called Keytime Data.


Keytime Payroll

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