Accountants Suite update v451 Released (18.1.1)

We are delighted to announce the release version 451 of our software for accountants. You can get started straight away by referring to the links in the article below:

Download the Software

If you already have Keytime Accountants' Suite download the update from the link below.  If you are looking for a full installation of the Keytime Accountants' Suite, please see our Getting Started article here 

Download v451 update 

Running the Update

Ensure that you have taken a recent backup of your Keytime data prior to running the update. Instructions on how to back up can be found at Backing up your Keytime Data

  1. Close all Keytime software

  2. Download the update choosing Run (or Save if you wish to store the file in the network location to update other computers in your office)

  3. Run the update and follow the on-screen prompts.  Click Finish when prompted to close the installer.

  4. Restart the PC if prompted.

  5. Run the update on every PC accessing Keytime software (access the update from the network location in step 3 above).

  6. To check the version number, open any Keytime module and click the Help menu, select About.


What's New in Keytime Accountants' Suite V451 Release

This release provides you with
resolutions to a number of issues associated with earlier releases details of
which are outlined below.

Keytime Personal Tax

  • The class 1 and 2 NI calculator found in the self
    employment pages of a 2016 tax return had zero NI rates

  • An internet filing validation error was occurring
    relating to box 69 in the self employment pages which said that box 16.1
    must be less than or equal to box 64 / box 65 + box 68

Keytime Corporation Tax

  • Some users were experiencing error 13 when opening a
    corporation tax return when the Start screen is ordered by company name

  • Some users were experiencing an error when year ending
    a corporation tax return

 Keytime Accounts

  • After submitting accounts to Companies House, some
    clients found that the submission was set to Pending regardless of the
    response from Companies House. This problem has been fixed and any returns
    in a pending state will be automatically refreshed

 Practice Manager

  • In our April release, we made login passwords case
    sensitive. Since then, some clients have reported problems entering
    passwords when opening some individual modules outside of Practice
    Manager. You can now use the same password to access all modules


Keytime Accountants’ Suite v18.1.1 requires v18.1.0 to be installed. If you
have not installed v18.1.0, click
to download and to find out about the new features included within our
previous Spring release.