Accountants' Suite 2018 Released


We are delighted to
announce the release of the 2018 versions of our software for accountants you
can get started using the links in this article.

Download the Software

Full Installation - please use the following download link: Download our 2018 software

408MB - includes Payroll 2018/19 

Getting Started

You can download our getting started guide - you should read this
before installing the update: Download the instructions


If you're already registered the software will automatically
prompt you to download your new registration codes when the existing ones are
about to expire. 

Trial Licence Codes

A 2 week trial licence code is available for any unregistered
module you wish to evaluate. 

Keytime Accountants’ Suite
- What’s New April 2018 

IRIS OpenSpace integration
with Keytime Accountants’ Suite now available FOC

OpenSpace is a secure portal that allows accountants and their
clients to work together on-line:

Upload, store and approve documents on-line

High level security - only you and your client can view

Customise with your own logo and colour scheme

Fully integrated with Keytime Accountants' Suite

Unlimited electronic approvals

All Keytime
modules integrate with IRIS OpenSpace; in Practice Manager you can mail merge
client data into letters and upload to OpenSpace as PDF docs, keep track of
client approvals in the OpenSpace log and create client records in OpenSpace
directly from Practice Manager (or any of the other modules).  For further

Practice Manager

Our October release included new data mining functionality, we’ve
enhanced this functionality by adding a tick box the enable you to exclude
individual client records from the results of a data query.  As the data
mining feature can be used to create a list of recipients for letters and
emails, this will allow you to exclude certain clients from your circulation

Company Secretarial

Companies House have issued a definitive list of countries to be
used when selecting a country of residence or nationality in an officer
record.  We’ve included this list and the software will prompt you to
select a country from a list rather than enter it as text.

Accounts Production

Electronically file charity accounts with
Companies House

From Spring 2018, Companies House will be accepting on-line
submissions of charity accounts.  We’ve tagged the charity accounts format
and enabled the ability to on-line file; the feature will become available once
Companies House enable their service. For further details click here

Statutory information note for FRS 105 – micro
entity accounts

We’ve added the ability to include a statutory information note in
FRS 105 accounts.  This brings the disclosure of statutory company
information into line with the note available in FRS 102 accounts.

Legislative Changes

Tax legislation and
business as usual

Update to dividend database

All the relevant reports, forms, calculations and rates for the
2017/18 tax year

Updates to cater for latest HMRC Specials & Exclusions

Updates to SA100, SA800, SA900, R40, R185 and CT600 forms

Update to use HMRC latest schemas

Updates to Capital Allowances

Update to the RDEC general rate from 11% to 12% in Corporation Tax

Started with Keytime - A series of videos to help you get started with Keytime: Getting Started Videos

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